In Memoriam – Linda de Quintal


Linda de Quintal, disaster workforce engagement support manager, American Red Cross New Jersey Region, pictured with here with Rick Paul, disaster program manager, American Red Cross New Jersey Region, was dedicated to helping those impacted by disasters large and small.

The American Red Cross mourns the loss of long time Red Crosser Linda de Quintal who passed away suddenly on June 8, 2016.

Wanting to lend a helping hand following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Linda became a Red Cross volunteer. For more than a decade Linda served as a compassionate, caring and devoted volunteer. During her tenure she served as an instructor for Health & Safety and disaster courses, training coordinator for Disaster Services and volunteer partner to the state disaster officer for New Jersey. Additionally, Linda was a valued member of the Red Cross New Jersey Crossroads Board of Directors where she held the position of Disaster Chair.

For her expertise and dedication, in 2010 Linda was awarded the American Red Cross Disaster Services Mission Fulfillment Volunteer Award for Training Subject Matter Expert, Capacity Building.

In 2012, Linda accepted a staff position as the lead specialist for disaster readiness, training and planning before moving into a Disaster Workforce Engagement support manager role the following year.

“Linda was in a key role in the New Jersey Region’s Workforce Engagement team – where each and every one of us was connected to her and her volunteer team. Like the center of an hourglass, Linda has guided countless volunteers to the right roles and opportunities within Disaster Cycles Services in New Jersey,” said Michael Prasad, disaster support functions director, American Red Cross New Jersey Region. “Linda’s passing has been a tremendous loss for us – Linda was Red Cross through and through.”

Passionate about helping those devastated by disasters, Linda participated in more than 20 disaster relief operations, including Superstorm Sandy, Winter Storm Jonas and an 83-day deployment to assist with relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina.

Her warmth, kindness and unwavering commitment to help those in need will be greatly missed.

Linda is survived by her father Robert de Quintal, son Daniel Bornkamp, daughter-in-law Carrie Bornkamp and four grandchildren.







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