Red Cross Hydration and Family Reunification Stations Open for Papal Visit

Red Cross volunteers are out in New Jersey and Philly helping support Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia with water and reunification services for people who become separated from loved ones amid large crowds.

20150926_140553Hydration Stations in New Jersey

The Red Cross has opened three Hydration Stations  to offer water to those walking over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge at the following locations in Camden:

  • EZ Pass toll plaza at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge — Closed
  • the intersection of Cooper Street and Front Street — Closed
  • the intersection of Broadway and Federal Street — Closed

Family Reunification Station in New Jersey

Individuals who become separated from their friends and family during the Papal Visit can call 1-855-259-2114 for assistance.

Red Cross volunteers and stations are also available in Philadelphia throughout the weekend.

Download the Red Cross Emergency App

in addition to weather safety tips and alerts, the FREE Red Cross Emergency App also contains a Large-Scale Events section that includes content about how people can prepare and what they should do while attending large gatherings.


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