Thanksgiving Day in Buffalo

When the Buffalo, NY area was recently hit by more than seven feet of snow, the Red Cross Western New York Region was active with response, operating shelters to help house and feed people affected and in need, including many who were stranded by the storm.

Last weekend, the temperatures started to rise and there was concern that the snow melt might cause severe flooding. The Red Cross WNY Region began preparing for the worst. Additional Red Crossers from surrounding states were brought in to help with preparation and were made available for a potential flood response. Steven Sarinelli, Regional Disaster Officer here in the North Jersey Region, deployed to Buffalo on Monday.

fb steve and team

Steve is part of a management team there to support the work of local team leading the response in Buffalo. Team members are helping support operations planning, logistics, and mass care for the disaster operation.

fb loading trucks

The Red Cross response in Buffalo has included distribution of supplies such as clean-up kits for those whose homes were affected by the storm and subsequent snow melt. All are thankful the severe flooding did not occur, but the work still continues with distribution through the weekend.

fb DRO photo 520-15 1

This is the Red Cross team on the job up in Buffalo, NY today. They’re spending Thanksgiving with their Red Cross family; staying on the job so the local volunteers and staff members can take a break and be with their families for the holiday. As Steve said, he’s happy to help his fellow Red Crossers and give back – many of the folks in Western New York Region came here to New Jersey to help us following Superstorm Sandy.

We’re grateful to all those who helped here two years ago and we’re thankful to work alongside so many amazing people!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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