Friends in Times of Disaster

How a Friend Helped Susan O’Kane Lift her Spirit Following Superstorm Sandy


Nearly two years after Superstorm Sandy’s ferocious winds and violent storm surge made Weehawken resident Susan O’Kane’s house unlivable, the 80-year-old is back home and nearing the end of repairs to her home of more than 40 years.

In the entryway of her home, that was once filled with several feet of water and collapsing into the basement below, hang two paintings created for her by her friend Francine in commemoration of the one year anniversary of Sandy.

???????????????????????????????“What a gesture to make you happy and lift your spirit,” said Susan who explained that one painting is an abstract representation of a water molecule.

A second painting called Still Waters holds a special place in Susan’s heart.

“I would feel myself begin to sink,” Susan recalled, “and I would see the painting and be reminded that water can be beautiful. It made me think I could get through this and kept me from feeling down.”

Susan credits the loving support of her friends for helping her get through the recovery process.

Read how the American Red Cross helped Susan repair her Sandy-damaged home and see photos from our visit with Susan.


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