My Summer with the Red Cross

By Veronica Danko │Intern, American Red Cross North Jersey Region

This summer, I volunteered with the American Red Cross North Jersey Region at its Princeton location. I began volunteering to fulfill my school’s community service requirement. Although after roughly a week and a half, I had completed the hours I needed for school I was excited about an archiving project I was working on and decided to continue volunteering.

I spent many days sifting through an abundance of Red Cross historical items, some dating back to World War II, from offices across the North Jersey region. As I sorted and cataloged the items, I uncovered some that were particularly interesting. 

DSC00993One collection of items that stood out to me was a set of ten dolls.  I was able to identify a date on one of them, which indicated they were from the World War II era.  Each doll was dressed impeccably in replicas of Red Cross volunteer uniforms that were used during the war.  Uniforms included were those worn by nurse’s aides, junior Red Cross volunteers and blood services.

In addition to the dolls, I cataloged items including uniforms, pins, paintings and propaganda posters among other Red Cross paraphernalia. It was a fun and interesting experience to find and handle these historical objects.

I enjoyed my experience volunteering at the Red Cross.  I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to see how the administrative side of the organization works, and to help out in any way that I could, while working with a fantastic group of people.  I look forward to hopefully doing more work with the Red Cross soon!


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