Watch “Life After Sandy” this Labor Day

Updated September 4 to include links to video. Please see below.

Programming includes Mathieu Nelessen,
American Red Cross regional CEO

LAS - Panel

Host Jim Hooker (left) discusses Superstorm Sandy with Keith Adams, Cathy McCann and Mathieu Nelessen.

Princeton Community Television brings you three hours of compelling programming hosted by Jim Hooker, veteran journalist and former senior anchor and managing editor of NJN News on NJN Public Television. In October, it will be two years since Superstorm Sandy swept across the Garden State leaving behind tens of billions of dollars in property damage, businesses destroyed and thousands left homeless. Progress has been made, yet two years later work related to clean-up, rebuilding and relocation remains. “Life After Sandy” is a look at New Jersey after Sandy and what can be learned for future storms. This special broadcast can be seen throughout Labor Day, Monday, September 1.

The final hour of the broadcast explores the cooperative response and recovery efforts of organizations following disasters. Watch as our own Mathieu Nelessen, regional CEO, American Red Cross North Jersey Region, along with Cathy McCann, chair of the New Jersey Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster and chief operating officer of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and Keith Adams, disaster recovery coordinator for the Episcopal Dioceses of New Jersey and Newark discuss how all disasters start local and end local and what can be done to prepare for the next storm.

Check Your Local Listings

“Life After Sandy” can be seen on Princeton Community TV throughout Monday, September 1. Princeton Community TV broadcasts on cable television on Comcast CH 30 (Princeton), Verizon FiOS CH 45 (Greater Princeton Area).  The special broadcast will also be carried on METV in Metuchen; OPTV in Bergen County; and Montclair TV34.

In addition the programs are being offered to the 60 Public Access stations in New Jersey to air on Labor Day or at another point prior to the two-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy that fits a station’s schedule.

Check your local listing for an airing in your area or watch “Life After Sandy” here.

UPDATED: Watch“Life After Sandy” Online

View “Life After Sandy: Resiliency: Lessons Learned” Part 1

View “Life After Sandy: Resiliency: Lessons Learned” Part 2

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