American Radio Relay League Field Day


New Jersey State Forest Fire Tower near Ringwood. Photo by Dave Everson

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) held its annual Field Day over June 28 and 29 at the American Red Cross in Princeton. Field Day is an opportunity for area amateur radio clubs to show how they operate during abnormal situations with less than optimal conditions.

Amateur radio is the distinction the Federal Communications Commission makes between radio transmissions for public service and those made for commercial service.

For most clubs the Field Day is an overnight, camp-out event where members attempt to transmit and receive transmissions from as many other radio clubs and amateur stations as possible – predominately using alternative power.

During times of disaster, amateur radio clubs throughout the region provide critical support the Red Cross by being prepared to assist if traditional methods of communications, including landlines and cell phones, fail. Amateur Radio operators receive no compensation for the professional work they perform in their service to the Red Cross and other emergency management agencies.

Over time the Field Day has become a contest amongst various clubs – with extra points awarded for visits from Red Cross representatives. As a show of support of the amateur radio clubs and their members, Red Cross North Jersey Region disaster volunteers and staff visited Field Day events throughout the region and beyond.

Frank DiPalma (W2TKE) attended the Montvale NJ OEM Field Day in Montvale; Fred Schlesinger (WW2VEH) visited the Cherryville Repeaters Association in Hunterdon; Sarita Wilson (KC2VYS), Ted Wilson (KC2PJR) and I (KC2UOA) attended the David Sarnoff Radio Club’s event in Princeton; Dave Everson (KC2RIG) is a member of the Ramapo Mountain ARC, which held their Field Day on Skyline Drive in Ringwood; Kung-E Cheng (AC2LU) attended the Nutley Amateur Radio Society’s event in Nutley; I also visited the New Providence ARC Field Day in Berkeley Heights. Mark Herson (N2MH) was outside of New Jersey on Field Day and attended the New Hanover Emergency Services Amateur Radio Association Field Day held at Ogden Park, Wilmington, NC.

For more information about amateur radio clubs, visit:

Cherryville Repeaters Association

Nutley Amateur Radio Society

Ramapo Mountain Amateur Radio Club

New Hanover Emergency Services Amateur Radio Association

David Sarnoff Radio Club

New Providence Amateur Radio Club

Borough of Montvale

By Michael Prasad
Disaster Support Functions Director | American Red Cross North Jersey Region

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