Thanking our Volunteers for Their Years of Service

Both the American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey and the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey honored volunteers for their years of service during recent Clara Barton Society events. 


Jocelyn Gilman, Red Cross of Northern New Jersey chapter executive, Ed Susco, board chair, Red Cross of Northern New Jersey and Michelle Esposito, regional director of volunteers recognized 57 volunteers on Tuesday, June 24 at The Clubhouse in Montclair.  ??????????????????????????????? 5 Years: Marquerite Baroody, Patti Bonczkowski, Ofira Bondorowsky, Healther Borbely, Eileen Bucher, Jack Casale, Sue Casale, Larry Condit, MaryAnne Condit, Abba Kris Maria Dela Cruz, Kristi Drew, Kimberly Durba, Edoardo Ferrante, Mark Freiling, Elsy Fulgencio, Yolanda Garcia, Salvatore Giangresso, Jeffrey Giesberg, Debroah Gruber, Carroll Gunningle, Niel Haymes, Mary Hiel, Sheila Holmes, Alexander Howie, Lisa Indovimo, Heru Keonte, Virginia Molinaro, Robert Morris, Hector Navarro, Walter Olivia, Elizabeth Ozden, Diane Reinke, Jim Smith, Rev. James Staton, Tiffany Taylor, Shiv Thavamani, Cynthia Uber, Cristina Vasquez, Kathleen Weinberger and Kristen Zuleg 10 Years: Meredith Barrentine, Mary Card, Jack Card, Jackie Cascio, Connie Kearney, Carol Leach, Susanna Lee, Janet Orr and Ruth Scolny 15 Years: Catherine Brodo, Michael Festa and Emma Justice 20 Years: Diana Brown, Jeanne Falco and Mary Harrell 25 Years: Mary Carroll  30 Years: Joe Montan

Sean & Joelle

Sean Andersen, American Red Cross of Central New Jersey board member, and volunteer Joelle Junior.


Mathieu Nelessen, regional CEO, American Red Cross North Jersey Region, and Sue Hasmiller, Red Cross of Central New Jersey board chair, honored eight volunteers on Wednesday, June 25 at The Nassau Club in Princeton. 5 Years: Kay Hurd, Joelle Junior and Murali Venkataraman 10 Years: Kenneth Heaphy, Susan Mondics and Bryan Fountain 15 Years: Sylvia Fountain and Dwight Wilkinson

Thank you to our volunteers!

BECOME A RED CROSS VOLUNTEER – The Red Cross invites the public to sign up to volunteer and be a part of the lifesaving work it does every day. The Red Cross relies on the generosity of its volunteers to fulfill its mission. There are a variety of ways people can get involved and the Red Cross is looking for diverse volunteers of all ages and skill levels.


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