Red Cross Supporter Since WWII Promotes Volunteerism

Volunteers and donors make the work of the Red Cross possible, and we were delighted to hear from long-time volunteer and supporter 91 year old Mildred Harold of Warren, NJ. She has been involved with the Red Cross since World War II and continues to be involved today.

“Volunteerism is the best thing,” she says. At 91, Mildred is no longer an active volunteer, but she likes to stay in touch and donates to make a difference in her community.


Mildred Harold with her late husband, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Harold in West Palm Beach, FL in 1944.

Mildred’s journey with the Red Cross started in the summer of 1943, when her late husband, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Harold, requested that she travel from New Jersey to join him in Austin, Texas.

“I was 22 years old. Most of my family had not been outside the town, leave alone the state! My grandpa cried, begging me not to go. I and 4 other army wives, none of whom could drive, piled in a 1936 Plymouth from Watchung, NJ and we set out for Austin. It was August, the heat was blazing! We traveled on 2 lane highways, didn’t know about air conditioning or 4 lanes! I learned so much about life and cars on that trip!”

Once in Austin, Mildred joined the Red Cross’ Services to Armed Forces program. “We sent messages over the wires to the families of the soldiers serving in the war. It was confidential work. It made me feel so very good that I was helping soldiers and families in their time of need. When we came back to New Jersey and started our family, I volunteered for some years at the Red Cross’ Plainfield office. My late husband and I often talked about how good you were to him and to countless soldiers around the world.”

Facebook and Twitter may not be for Mildred, but you can stay connected with us everywhere you go! Please like and follow our new Facebook and Twitter (@RedCrossNorthNJ) pages. We look forward to hearing from you!


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