Nor’easter to Bring Cold Temps, Stay Safe!

The Nor’easter that’s coming at us today is forecasted to bring winds up to 50 miles/hour along with rain, sleet and wet snow. Try to keep off the roads after 3 pm to keep traffic in slippery weather to a minimum and allow access for emergency vehicles as they help your community.

Some easy tips to help you today:

If you’re in the coastal areas:

Please make sure you’re following the mandatory evacuation guidelines

If you lost power with Sandy and it hasn’t come back yet:

1. Warm beds, hot meals and medical assistance are waiting for you at our shelters. It’s dangerous to stay at home as temperatures plummet to below freezing, especially at night.  See a whole list of open shelters:

If you’re staying at home:

1. Ensure you have enough batteries for flashlights in case you lose power.

2. Turn your heat up at this time so if you lose power, your home will stay warm longer.

3. Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting to ensure your food stays colder for longer.

4. Get rubber hot water bottles to stay warm.

See a complete list of helpful tips:

Stay safe everyone!


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