Young Family Finds Shelter with the Red Cross

 At the Red Cross shelter at the Woodbridge Community Center, local resident Brian Snyder told me they lived 7 houses away from the flood zone near Raritan Bay.  As his son, 3 year old Ethan shot me a shy smile, I had a hard time imagining that this family had lost their basement just last year when Irene flooded their area.

“With a hurricane this huge, we reached the shelter early to avoid being turned away,” said his wife, Kimberly as her 6 year old Emily serenely sat with her coloring book and twins Ethan and Gavin played with slinkies and other toys given by Red Cross volunteers.

The Snyders were safe and warm at our shelter, had hot meals and access to nurses for physical and emotional support. Our community ties will continue to help them if their home has suffered damage and they are unable to continue living there. At this time, almost 5,500 people are staying in 71 shelters in New Jersey.  

Your donations help us assist families like these. Please make a donation online at, call 1800 Red Cross or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give $10.


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