“Our Home Was Going to Flood!”

Monday morning when I went to the Red Cross Woodbridge Community Center shelter, I met Emily Halajdida, 39 of Avenel, NJ. She was trying to get a chocolate bar from the vending machine for the kids and asked me if I had change for $20. After a good samaritan at the shelter gave her some dollar bills, Emily shared with me that she was a single mom raising two children, Paul, 11 and Daniel, 8. She was nursing an electrocution-related injury and it was their second time at a shelter in a year. Image

“Last year, during Hurricane Irene, when water came up to our doorstep, we piled all our belongings up high and stayed put. This time, we knew Sandy was going to flood our home but didn’t know when it would strike.”

Paul and Daniel told me they had to leave their cats behind and how their school mates weren’t at the shelter. “We couldn’t take a chance, if our home floods we’ll lose everything… It’s nice of the Red Cross to be there for us!”

Your donations aid families such as these throughout the region. Please make a donation online at redcross.org, call 1-800-Red-Cross or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give $10.


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