Sandy Sends Seniors to First Shelter Stay

Sisters Margaret and Pauline Juba of Cranford stayed home through a flooded town last year during Hurricane Irene. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, for the first time in their lives, the sisters, both in their early 80s, needed to evacuate to a Red Cross shelter Monday morning.

“I’m in a wheelchair and my sister Pauline has poor eyesight. We have to be at a shelter where the needs of disabled people can be taken care of. We got a call from the police department about evacuating and I remembered that we were flooded last year. We arrived at the Red Cross shelter open at the Woodbridge Community Center on Monday. Everyone here is so nice, friendly and helpful! We’re glad to be here.”

2 Responses

  1. Where can I go to pik up blankets nonperishable foods etc to hand out to my neighbors whom are currently without basic ammenities or who can I get charcoal and grillable items I will set up my grill and can cook on it? Im highly interested in info for what we here in union county can do citing the impending storm…..tim sorber 908.445.8915

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