Sandy May Displace Thousands, Get Shelter Info

Sandy is unprecedented in size and strength. Its extremely strong winds may cause power outages and New Jersey streams and rivers could flood, affecting a widespread area. If you must evacuate and need to go to a Red Cross shelter, here’s a quick checklist of tasks and items to help you get ready:

  1. If there’s a chance you need to evacuate, register on our “Safe and Well” site on This tells loved ones you’re ok.
  1. We have opened several shelters in the area. You should bookmark this link to see all open Red Cross shelters.
  1. Packing for the shelter: Bring your medicines, food if you’re allergic or vegetarian, ID (proof of residence), extra clothes, sleeping bags, pillows and hygiene items
  1. Supplies: Bring supplies for elderly family members and children
  1. Kids: Bring diapers, formula, toys

More to come! Stay safe everyone!

4 Responses

  1. concerned about my sister mrs maurean grean 190 deckerpond rd andover new jersey 0019088526336

  2. I have off from work today. Where can I go to volunteer for you? I live in Bergen county near Paramus.

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