Ready For Sandy?

Last year, when Irene hit our region, I was new to NJ. I walked into a grocery store one day before it hit and saw a few moms with kids in shopping carts, running down the store aisles in panic. I couldn’t even find water, leave alone bread, milk or sandwich meats. Thankfully, we didn’t lose power or flood or have the slightest issue but I know thousands in NJ weren’t that lucky.

To prevent a repeat performance of my less than stellar disaster preparedness, I did my grocery shopping yesterday and I urge you to not delay getting any supplies needed. See a full list of suggested items at

Here’s a quick checklist I made for my family:

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Laundry: Tackle the whole mountain sitting in the laundry room tonight

Cash: Have extra cash at hand in case my area loses power and I need to buy milk, medicines or fruit and nut chocolate bars – my family’s instant mood lifter

Utilities: Go over the plan with my husband if we need to turn off our utilities

Prepare with our son: Disasters can be traumatizing for anyone but more so for children, who find tremendous safety in routine. If they see you in a state of alarm, their fear magnifies and they can’t rationalize through it. Teach them to think logically through an emotional situation and practice a family disaster plan with them. See one here:

Emergency kit: Create one with food and water for 3 days and medicines (7 days worth)

Car: Keep a full tank of gas and put my emergency kit in it Image

Here’s what to get at the grocery store:

Water: 1 gallon per person per day. You should have a 3 day supply ready. I filled up my bathtub last year and got drinking water from a friend who bought it in advance

Food: Canned food, energy bars, peanut butter, bread, fruit, nuts and similar non-perishable items that we will enjoy eating. We should have a 3 day supply ready. I made Feta cheese stuffed turkey meatballs for my family today and was going to freeze them but hubby and son attacked them as soon as they came out of the oven!

ImageCheck on my neighbors: Help members of my community. Do they have their medicines, water, food, flash light and phone numbers of family members at hand?

It’s not fun but stay tuned everyone, I will keep you company through the hurricane.

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