Is Your Home Fire Safe?

We are observing the National Fire Prevention Week from October 7-13. Did you know we respond to about one home fire every nine minutes across the country?

“The Gardens”, a 52 unit apartment complex in Woodbridge, NJ burns in a massive fire in July, 2012 displacing all residents.

How are you ensuring you’re alerted in time in case your home catches on fire? Do you have working smoke alarms on all levels of your home? Have you practiced your Fire Safety plan? Yes? Wonderful! Now, how would you like to help families who’ve lost everything in a fire? Two people are assisted by the Red Cross disaster services every second of every day, every year. We’re on hand to provide displaced families with a place to stay, food and clothes as needed in a manner that’s emotionally comforting.

The remains of “The Gardens” apartment complex in Woodbridge, NJ after a fire ravaged it in mere hours. Looking at these charred remains, it’s hard to imagine it housed 52 families.

You too can become a Red Cross volunteer in your community. For more info, see our new sites:


Next time you hear a fire truck clanging down the street, please take a moment to think about the fire fighters risking their lives to keep people safe.

For more on fire prevention, including tips on how to teach children about fire safety, see:


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