Tech Tools For Emergencies On Display At Conference

Community leaders, Verizon and Red Cross employees and volunteers at the news conference in front of the Verizon mobile phone bank in Fairfield on Thursday.

Yesterday, we marked the end of National Preparedness Month with a news conference at our Fairfield office. We showcased several technological tools that help you deal with emergencies and disasters along with our partners Verizon and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Matt Goldfeder, our director of health and safety product management, showcased our 3 apps- First Aid, Earthquake and Hurricane– and talked about how they put the power of technology into people’s hands during emergency situations. Verizon brought their mobile phone bank, an enormous truck that boasts of a satellite feed guiding it in real time to communities that need help during disasters. People can use it free of cost to make phone calls, recharge their laptops and phone batteries or simply cool off when they’ve lost power.

Speaking at the conference, Mathieu Nelessen, our region’s CEO pointed out Hurricanes Irene and Isaac and last October’s snow storm, and stressed how important it was to have a disaster plan ready in advance especially since winter was on its way. The American Red Cross Apps for iPhone or Android smart phones make it easy for you to create a plan and share it with household members and over social networks. A template and instructions to build a plan are available at

It’s easier than ever to make an emergency plan these days! We’d love to hear your stories of how planning helped you survive an emergency. Pls email us at


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  1. Would love to see new apps from the Red Cross – things like what to do if you have a fire in your home (I imagine people will be more likely to grab their phones than anything else in their home if they have to escape it during a fire!) and also what to do if there is a major disaster and their home gets affected – things like how to contact FEMA, keep track of the damage by using the camera feature on your phone, etc. It would be really cool if these apps could connect folks with the Red Cross, to provide information back and forth – like mapping of where people are reporting damage to their homes during flooding.

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