Red Cross Apps Make Emergency Planning Easy

September is National Preparedness Month and we recently launched 3 mobile phone apps- First Aid, Earthquake and Hurricane– loaded with tools to help you in emergencies. Our apps are free and have had more than a million downloads within 3 months!

The Red Cross Earthquake App offers tips on staying safe during a quake.

Do you have a plan for emergencies? I still remember what my husband’s face looked like when he experienced his first earthquake. This was over a decade ago. We were newlyweds and had just moved to Seattle, WA. We were unpacking that day and when the quake started, we were in the garage, peering down a box containing beautiful crystal flutes, admiring their brilliance in the sun. Less than half a minute later, I was standing outside the garage shockingly looking at my handsome husband, still standing inside, paralyzed with confusion. I’d been through many quakes and knew to instantly move away from tall bookshelves containing heavy things but he was a Texan rookie and had leaned on one for support before I told him to get away from it! Our app would’ve guided him to quickly and carefully move out into a clear, clutter-free area.

Thankfully, it was a small quake and hubby dearest made it out just fine but what if a bigger quake hits our area and this happens to be you? Or you burn your hand or get a deep cut? Our First Aid app can instantly tell you vital next steps including if you need to go to the ER. Or, if you’re out traveling with your children and a hurricane hits, our apps can help you locate an open Red Cross shelter. Our apps can also flash an “I’m safe” message to your loved ones’ emails and social networks if your area gets hit by a disaster and you lose power. They also turn your phone into a flash light and alarm.

After last October’s snowstorm, I remember a friend telling me that he was driving home from Manhattan to Summit and drove under several live power lines hanging off trees with his wife and infant son! Thankfully, they made it home safe but they were without power for 3 days and their family had no way of knowing they were ok. Don’t get into such situations and download our apps to make an emergency plan with your family today.

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