NorthStar VETS Animal Hospital Holds September 11th Blood Drives

To mark the 11th anniversary of September 11, NorthStar VETS, a 24 hour emergency hospital for animals in Robbinsville, held an event titled, “America Depends On Many Types Of Heroes.” The unique event included a Red Cross blood drive with more than 45 human donors giving blood at a large community room upstairs, while more then 10 animal donors were screened for donation by NorthStar VETS downstairs by their blood bank. NorthStar VETS is one of the few animal hospitals in the area to boast of an animal blood bank on site.

Rose Pierson, veterinary nursing supervisor said, “We give animals a full blood panel and physical at no cost when we screen them for blood donation. Also, we are one of the few hospitals in the region to offer interventional radiology, reproductive help and physiotherapy to animals in house. Our clients come from Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and even New York.”

Omar Javier, team supervisor, Red Cross Blood Services said, “The need for blood is a constant one. One donation can help save up to 3 lives. We are thankful to NorthStar VETS for their help with this noble cause.”

At this time, the Red Cross is especially encouraging people with blood groups such as “O” or “B” to donate double their red cells. Red cells are the most frequently needed components of blood and are used in most transfusions. While whole blood donation includes platelets, plasma, red and white blood cells, when you donate your red cells, the machine returns the remaining blood components along with saline back to you. The process is fast, easy, essentially the same as regular blood donation.


From left: Kathleen Bonacorda of East Windsor learns about donating double red blood cells from a Red Cross technician.

Kathleen Bonacorda of East Windsor said, “I donate blood about every 8 weeks. My parents have both needed blood at various times and this is my way of giving thanks and also showing gratitude for my health.”

For more info on animal blood donation, please visit NorthStar VETS at:

For info on Red Cross blood donation centers please visit:

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